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An eLiquid vapor emporium where Southern hospitality meets modern engineering. We are a purveyor of the finest steams, concocted to perfection with our favorite Southern tastes.

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A reimagining of a flambéd New Orleans dessert consisting of bananas, ice cream, dark rum and banana liquer, this rich steam combines candied bananas, vanilla ice cream, toasted pecan, and a touch of cinnamon for a sweet and luxurious finish.

Sweet and slightly tart with a robust note of smoke, the Cactus Flower mixes pomegranate, berries and the bitter-smooth notes of Southern brightleaf tobacco for a beautiful but prickly steam.

Cultured but eccentric, the Louisiana Diplomat embodies the light and sweet flavor of watermelon with the delicious yet earthy taste of pecans and the robustness of fire-cured tobacco.

Like an afternoon dessert of pralines and rich vanilla ice cream, Midnight Coal is a deeply soothing steam dominant in the silky bitter-sweetness of chocolate with an aromatic hint of java.

Pie in the Windowsill captures the juicy, sweet flavor of candied honey-crisp apples with a dash of cinnamon and other spices for a most agreeable and classically Southern dessert steam.

Elegant but approachably sweet, the Southern Belle features the classic Georgia taste of peaches and cream balanced with the earthy aroma of pecans.

Our Loyalty Program is Live!

Our Loyalty Program is Live!

We wanted to drop in and share some exciting news! We've done some work on the website and are now able to offer scaling discounts for our loyal customers. What this means for you is:

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A Quick "Thank You"

A Quick "Thank You"

Our whole team is thrilled to have such a genuine crowd of fans and followers. Tonight we hit 1,000 likes on our Facebook page - which happened much quicker than we could have dreamed. Thank you to each and every one of you, we wouldn't be here without you!

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The Southern Sampler

Our Southern Sampler Just Got Better

You asked, we listened.  Our famous Southern Sampler is now available in 4mL, 15mL, and 30mL bottles!

We recommend the 4mL sampler if you're curious about what Southern Steam is all about. We now offer 30mL bottles for our dedicated steam-fans that...

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